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Hey lovelies, I'm Anna

Welcome to Annas! I am so excited to start this new journey as a nutrition and fitness blogger. I have thought about starting this blog for more than a year now, but procrastination has been a bit of a challenge. I decided at the beginning of the year 2020 to think less about it and just start. I mean, I was pretty sure I wanted to do this, I just needed to get out of my comfort zone. And so I did! I turn 25 in April and I wanted this to be my new commitment. Choosing a blog niche was a little difficult because I had to choose something I would not get bored of in a really long time so I chose the nutrition and fitness niche. I have been successfully able to lose and keep weight off by making healthier choices which I've got a lot of acknowledgment for. I get a lot of questions regarding what I eat and what workouts I engage in so I will be making detailed posts on all of your inquiries and more. I also love cooking so I will also be posting healthy recipes. Keeping healthy has become a lifestyle for me and I derive pleasure every step of the way. So yeah, stick with me and I'll let you in on everything.

LGBTQ+ friendly!

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